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Career Spotlight: News Host/Reporter

A News Host is more than just a face on the screen; they are the architects of information, meticulously crafting each broadcast to inform and inspire.

Lights, Camera, Action!

News Host or, Reporters, are the on-air presenters who guide the audience through news programs. A News Host contributes to the overall goal of providing the public  with accurate, timely, and engaging information. A News Host often transition between different segments, interviews, and reports, maintaining a cohesive and structured program. News Host often read from teleprompters, which displays scripts or cues for them to follow during the podcast. This helps ensure accuracy and a smooth presentation. 


Through the Lens

To effectively present the news, hosts need to stay informed about current events, developments, and trends. This involves continuous research and staying up-to-date on news stories. A News Host plays a crucial role in the presentation and delivery of news to the public. Their ability to communicate effectively, maintain composure under pressure, and engage with the audience contributes significantly to the success of a news program.



According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall
employment projections for a News Host show faster than average
growth over the next ten years, meaning these jobs will be in
high demand. Currently the average salary for a News host/Reporter

is around $57,000 per year. However, top Reporters and News

Host in the industry can make millions per year! The top tasks include:

Interview people who have information, analysis, or opinions about

a story or article, analyze and interpret information to increase audience understanding of the news, and write stories or articles for newspapers, magazines, or websites and create scripts to be read on television or radio.

News analysts, reporters, and journalists typically need a bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, or a related field, such as English.Employers generally prefer to hire candidates who have had an internship or have worked on school newspapers, radio stations, or TV stations. While attending college, students may seek multiple internships with different news organizations.

Becoming a News Host isn't just about reporting the news; they're creating a conversation that connects us all together.

So If you have good communication skills, writing skills, are extremely motivated, and love being in front of the camera then the role of an News Host may be right for you!

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