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Career Spotlight: Videographer

If you enjoy watching or recording videos with your smartphone you should consider a career as a Videographer.
Videographers are storytellers who use cameras and other equipment to create videos that convey a message. If the saying is true that a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a high-quality video is worth at least 100,000 words.


The Work

Videographers are responsible for recording live events and
smaller scale video productions, like documentaries, short films,
sporting events, and weddings. Videographers can work alone
with a single camera setup or with a small team of light and
sound technicians.
People often confuse Videographers with Video Editors. The work
of Videographers does include editing video footage, but it goes
beyond that to include operating and maintaining cameras and
other video recording equipment to capture high-quality footage.


Necessary Skills



  • Select correct camera settings, lighting, lenses, and filters to get the perfect shot

  • Instruct camera operators regarding setup, angles, distance and movement

  • Direct studio productions and make necessary edits


  • Develop scripts or storyboards to outline a project

  • Arrange clips, incorporate special effects, and synchronize audio for a polished result.

  • Utilize graphics, animations, or visual effects to enhance the overall quality of a video

Communication skills:

  • Videographers must communicate effectively with clients to understand their expectations and provide updates on progress.

  • Incorporate feedback throughout the production process.

  • Work with other members of the production team, such as directors, producers, and fellow videographers, to ensure a tight production.


  • Manage time effectively to meet project budgets deadlines


A college degree is not required to become a Videographer,
although some employers prefer it. However, creativity, skill and
technical expertise can take you a long way. It may be a good
idea to familiarize yourself with industry standard video editing
software such as Adobe, Final Cut and Avid, you should be able to
locate free versions of each on the internet. You can gain
experience by recording short clips, then gradually moving up to
longer, more in depth projects.
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the median
salary for entry level Videographers is close to $50,000, however
those with high level skills and experience earn much more.
If this career is of interest to you, sharpen your skills and GO FOR


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